Sustainable Business Through Open Framework Sustainability!

Sustainability is about relationships. It's about how we interact with each other through our individual actions and our businesses. It's about where we live and work in our urban and natural environments. Enhancing these relationships is our goal.

A bridge to nowhere can lead to somewhere

The concept of Open Framework Sustainability has been cooking for over 10 years in the minds of Ken Hiatt creator of Peraska and David Anderson creator of Canvas Dreams, LLC. Together they have been working on the Open Framework Sustainability (OFS) concept for the past couple of years - launching Fall 2010. One of the many results of this work is that Canvas Dreams won the 2010 Green Business Leader of the Year Award at the San Fransisco Green Festival by Green America. Building meaningful relationships is key to OFS.

Relationships created through a Web of Trust to facilitate both personal and professional sustainability. Our desire is to create a deeper understanding of what this means. Through this understanding we want to lead companies and individuals to integrate community sustainability. Enhancing our relationships though optimizing our understanding of how businesses, people, the environment interact is part of OFS.

Helping us, we are using what we have coined as the 3 C's of sustainability - Conversation, Community, and Commerce. OFS helps you to learn while you act to implement beneficial practices and reduce impacts.

OFS creates meaningful relationships.

OFS facilitates growth and learning between your business, clients and vendors, by establishing a synergistic Web of Trust to benefit all levels of your company's supply chain. All this while reducing harmful and inefficient impacts.

OFS creates and presents meaningful metrics from an enhanced IT, facilities and back-office infrastructure with careful reporting, so you can gauge your progress towards an low impact highly efficient business.

OFS bridges the gap between high-concept CSR (corporate social responsibility) with local supply chain design (to benefit your community and economy).

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